Thursday, December 10, 2015

A bad rap, for Spotify

So you listen to Kanye on Spotify
for ten dollars a month, or forty-five?
Oh its free, coz you're too mortified
to pay for your music, but what if I
asked you to try and quantify
the value of art - you're unqualified!   

Okay so, may be I can edify:
Great music is rare, so hard to find
harder to make, platinum certified
Takes months or years, not just 9to5
Its heart and soul, you can't define
No, art ain't a job, don't stultify

'Tis why its time for a change, to modify
the rules of the game, and clarify
that stealing is stealing, can't justify
Free isn't fair, and its part of why
Taylor's right, and we've gotta fight
this piracy and looting, we can defy.

Friday, May 08, 2015

A space traveler's song


इस पल आयें हैं, फिर कब जायेंगे?
कहने-सुनने आयें थे; समझ के जायेंगे,

मेरा ना कोई है पता इस जगह पर,
यूं तो है मेरा ये जहां...
लाया क्या मैंने? कम मेरा है यहाँ पर,
शायद हो पेहले से बसता-बसा सब यहाँ,


तारें भी कैसे टिम-टिमाते रातों में,
कोई ना तन्हा है वहाँ...
चले ही जाते हैं ये दिल को लुभाके,
इन्ही के जाते ही आये सवेरा यहाँ...

Credits : Sifar , Lucky Ali  - सिफर , लकी अली 

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Poetry and prose

does poetry 
have more beauty
than prose?
who knows?

There is a certain honesty in the latter. Justice is done to meaning. Ideas are conveyed - effectively, clearly, forcefully.

Staid sometimes, and perhaps too direct at others, it occasionally meanders into a purple, usually from overdosing on colorful, extravagant, redundant, superfluous, unnecessary adjectives.

Rules of grammar are like solemn marriage vows.

but i suppose
surely a rose,
is the more pretty
of a fir tree

Poems can evoke boundless emotion. Stirring romance and pathos in equally deep measure. Affected and extravagant.

Yes, lyric and meter are ever passionate mistresses, not always faithful. Insincerity is allowed, forgiven and even desired.

The freedom of infidelity is liberating.

does form follow function?
if rhymes betray some unction 
or is it perhaps the converse?
if words are born of the verse

can't the sun's dazzling brilliance also turn a heart so joyous?
can the moon's seductive luminance even inspire a flash of genius?

what one could write
in high noon's light
may not sound right
on a starry night
what's poetry and what is prose
say now who knows?
who knows who knows?

Monday, February 03, 2014

Cold and cloudless sky
Like a calm placid lake
Each star tells a story
As long burns his fire
In heaven and on earth

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Glorious Light

Behold the Light that shines so,
it dispels every lingering doubt
the way that flickering stars go
when the glorious sun comes out.

Monday, April 18, 2011

To be a tree

Oh to be
a tree
is to be
so free

To sway with the wind
in effervescent dance

Oh to be
a tree
is to be
so free

To stay still in peace
and endless trance

Oh to be
a tree
is to be
so free

To return blows of the axe
with shade and fruit.

Oh to be
a tree
is to be
so free

To reach for the skies
and be true to the root.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Walk where the mind ends

Happiness depends not
on the road that you walk on,
or in the sight you behold without,

in the mode that you walk in,
and the light you shine within.

Where the river ends, ocean begins,
Where the trail ends, discovery begins.
Where the fear ends, freedom begins.
Where the words end, knowledge begins.
Where the individuality ends, universality begins.
Where the mind ends, happiness begins.