Thursday, January 01, 2015

Poetry and prose

does poetry 
have more beauty
than prose?
who knows?

There is a certain honesty in the latter. Justice is done to meaning. Ideas are conveyed - effectively, clearly, forcefully.

Staid sometimes, and perhaps too direct at others, it occasionally meanders into a purple, usually from overdosing on colorful, extravagant, redundant, superfluous, unnecessary adjectives.

Rules of grammar are like solemn marriage vows.

but i suppose
surely a rose,
is the more pretty
of a fir tree

Poems can evoke boundless emotion. Stirring romance and pathos in equally deep measure. Affected and extravagant.

Yes, lyric and meter are ever passionate mistresses, not always faithful. Insincerity is allowed, forgiven and even desired.

The freedom of infidelity is liberating.

does form follow function?
if rhymes betray some unction 
or is it perhaps the converse?
if words are born of the verse

can't the sun's dazzling brilliance also turn a heart so joyous?
can the moon's seductive luminance even inspire a flash of genius?

what one could write
in high noon's light
may not sound right
on a starry night
what's poetry and what is prose
say now who knows?
who knows who knows?


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