Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Five Virtues

On some instinct, I decided to think about and list down the five most desirable and adorable traits, that in my opinion, form the basis of great character in a man/woman. I am certainly aware that there are many other virtues that I adore in great people, but I decided to focus my thoughts on just the five virtues that I would like to develop in myself, which led me to blog about it because I do think there is a fair chance that these thoughts, as well as my choices for these attributes may be shared by others as well. Just as a note, I did not rank these five attributes in any particular order, nor did I choose any attributes that are gender-specific. I do recognize the fact that I may have been biased in my thoughts, and while I made a conscious effort to thresh out any prejudices, obviously there is bound to be some bias as these are based on my individual experiences, observations, reading and cogitations and simply, my life.

As always - you and I – we are two different people, and we will have differences, and I will be glad to know what you think would be your chosen five. Probability demands that we have a few in common, but how many out of five? I recommend that you pick your own five after careful thought before you scroll down to see mine, so that you are free of bias.






And after I made this list, as an afterthought, it struck me that the idea of five attributes goes well with the five elements of the world: air (wind), water, fire, earth and sky (space). On thinking further, I realized I could possibly make some connections between the five traits and the five elements:

Water – clear; transparent; pure -> Honesty

Earth - massive; great; yet small -> Humility

Fire – heat; energy; strength ->Courage

Air (wind) - vital for life; powerful, yet not self-made -> Gratitude

Space (sky) - all encompassing; still; calm-> Patience


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