Monday, March 06, 2006

The White in Black (or How I saw Black in White)

Suggestion:Please read this post slowly, word by word.

There is a black square in the middle of nowhere. It has been there for a while now. Yes, it has been this black for a while now.

It is still black. An absolute black; not a hint of a bright shade.

Even now, it is black. See, now you begin to see it. A lonely square, with edges so perfectly straight, it just could not be man-made. As black as anything that was black. Absolute. Black. Everywhere. Total. Perfect.Black.

Wait, you can see a speck of grey there. No, that's just an illusion; you see there, its gone, it's all black.

Yes, absolute black it is.

No, you see a tiny spot of grey; it's actually white. Oh, yes, white. So, there is a black square, with a small tiny white spot.

Now there is another, off-white dot, in the far corner. So, there is a black square with a small tiny spot and another off-white dot. Perfect.

Hey, there is another, and another, wait, there are atleast three more white spots. So, there is a black square with a few white spots.

There are more white spots than you saw at first. Here's another, you didn't see that before, did you? How about this one, star-shaped? See, that's what I mean. So, then, there are a lot of white spots on a dark black square.

Now, I'm sure you're beginning to see the point, if you are not getting tired already. The black square now begins to look like a grid of black and white spots. Really?

Come to think of it, it is more like a spread of black spots on a white mass. You see it now, don't you?

Where is the black square that I just saw in the center?This can't be true! I just saw it. Bang in the middle, and now it's gone! Now, this is queer. Which is the illusion? The black or the white?

Now it's really white, save a dark spot here and another one there. A perfect white, no, not yet; a speck of black bodes well. Now, perfect white. Absolute.Total. Everywhere.

There is a black square in the middle of nowhere...


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