Sunday, December 14, 2008

I loved you; until

i loved you; until
i didnt love you anymore

it was like a dream when you walked into my heart
but reality woke me up and i showed you the door

i loved you so much;until
i just did not love you anymore

every moment with you then was so exciting
but each minute now is such a sad bore

i loved you like crazy; until
i didnt love you at all anymore

living without you, i just could not imagine
but it feels now like i never knew you before

i loved you completely; until
i totally didnt love you anymore

you were the one for me, i thought for so long
but i cannot be with you now, i know that for sure

i loved you a lot; until
i truly didnt love you anymore

love-all it was first, and then our game began
but i lost the joy in it while keeping the score

i loved you so very much; until
i so didnt love you anymore

this fruit of your love, i peeled and juiced
and all i have now is guilt at the core

i loved you maybe; until
i certainly didnt love you anymore

i promised we'll forever be together, as we set sail
sorry to leave you behind now, in a boat without an oar.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How I believed love for someone can never end. Is there a love story that did not have pains, hurts or conflicts. Only those stories ended well, where love was not given up for anything or anyone. And such love fought for itself till the end.

your story seems you were deeply in love, How could you give up on your true love. It would have been better to push her to death rather than let her sink in the sea - like a boat without an oar.

Would you even know how it would pain someone throughout life when their so true love gave up and failed to even understand.

Was your love not loyal to you or did she ever cheat on you ?

Anyways, hope you already got someone meant for you by now.

-Avantika Ram

Friday, February 27, 2015 8:37:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When a person has so strongly expressed to not love someone anymore, its their choice and clearly the girl has not been worth it a penny. Relationships dont need to be decided based on any stories, sayings or beliefs but its interest which no one is bound to continue forcefully.

I think the writer has rights to move on with someone of his choice and match now. I wish him heartfully and pray he is by now in a happy family flourishing with love. Let a decision made never waiver.

Thursday, December 15, 2016 6:29:00 AM  

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