Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A struggle for surrender

A slumber called death, a voyage from afar
Ends with his birth into this life's bazaar

Where schooling taught him to haggle and buy
Yes, but he also learnt to fight, cheat and lie

A great education gave wings to the bird
Only conditioning him to walk with the herd

A million lonely walks through crowded streets,
And as many bitter pills in the guise of sweets,

The path of life was too long in years
He crawled through the tears and ran with the cheers

Hardened yet calm, hard-working though old,
Waited patiently for the moment of truth to behold,

Suddenly then, he fell, and quietly kissed the earth,
A surreal, blissful experience that made it all worth

Oh, the meaning of life, so subtle and tender,
Isn't it our own little struggle for surrender ?


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