Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Isnt it sad?

Isn't it sad how people break their promises?
Isn't it sad how comfortable people are being so selfish?
Isn't it sad how people chase happiness even when it takes away from the happiness of others?
Isn't it sad how people have evolved to just avoid thinking about others,if it comes in the way of their happiness?
Isn't it sad how the same people who show such kindness to strangers are so mean to people they know?
Isn't it sad how society teaches public decency better than family teaches trust and love?
Isn't it sad that the people that can hurt us the most are the people whom we love the most?
Isnt it sad how many people pick the former when they have to pick between doing the right thing and the kind thing?
Isn't it sad how your heart tells you what is good for others, and your head tells you what is good for you, and yet, we rarely follow our heart?


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