Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Give Love

Dont waste a moment to love. Give love. Give lots. Give freely. Give without being asked for it. Give now. For it may be too late, some day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give away love but in your true form. End as you wish but in your true form.

My love was as open as my end would be, a lesson for his life ahead,

For men who play with not just heart but a woman's self respect.

For men who like to fool women knowing they are hurt by games.

For men who PLAY SAFE to escape by blaming the other easily.

For men who question proof of love and intent of women who has not thought once about forgiving his past let downs and helping him move on.

For men, who kill their women of complaints to her family.

Because Men, think women will come back whatever they do. Yes women hang on for long...like i am today at the verge of the end.

But this time, A lesson this would be to leave you with a memory, years and years later when ego subsides and true love is realised, a drop of tear in her memory then would probably be what the soul would wait for.

The soul would not rest until then...

A soul which would then win over your stubborn attitude, your ego and your mindset.

Not because the women is weak or ill, because her soul will do what her physical existence could not.

Who knows such men would make fun of her death, but no matter what she would win for he can no longer hurt her anymore. Death is more peaceful than his .............

Wednesday, February 15, 2017 7:35:00 AM  

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