Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The bitter legacy of war

As this photoessay shows, the terrible legacy of a war can live on long after the last gunshot is heard.


Manuel Navarro Forcada’s essay “Vietnam 21st century: On the track of Agent Orange” investigates the horrific persisting effects of the dioxin-contaminated herbicide used by the U.S. Air Force during the Vietnam War. Although Agent Orange was officially deployed to defoliate the tropical foliage of the region in order to render visible those beneath, dioxin exposure to humans has proven extremely harmful, if not lethal. By visiting hospitals, schools, and orphanages in Vietnam and documenting the many birth defects and malformations of children born in the thirty-year aftermath of the Vietnam War, Forcada’s photographs serve as solemn reminders of the atrocities of war. They are also a plea to rouse waning global interest in the war-torn legacy of Vietnam.

FiftyCrows is a social change photography venture that funds the work of emerging photojournalists. No matter who you are, and where you have been, these photos show you so many snapshots of life from around the world that you are bound to see the world in a different light afterwards.


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