Monday, January 05, 2009

Does God want?

The general religious view seems to be that man is imperfect and it is this imperfection that prevents us from realizing God. In fact, it is said that we cannot even understand Him fully or to any reasonable degree, due to the inherent nature of God being within and without everything - omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. Granted that religion is just a human explanation for divine power in our lives; still some concepts are hard to fathom, such as:

God wants to make us tougher and wiser by sending adversities our way. Which begs the question, firstly, does God want anything? The ideal of accepting everything God gives us, and surrendering to Him is very powerful and liberating. But then, doesnt the idea that God has a plan or pasttimes and wishes something paint God as less than perfect or human-like, even if as a Father? Even though God is perfectly capable of realizing His wants, does not the fact of wanting, wishing or desiring something run contrary to the idealization of the absolute, all-perfect God?

On hindsight, may be the key point is this: When we as humans want something, it is usually outside of us. But there is nothing outside of God, by definition. If God wants something, which is inside Him, it is not really a want, but merely a choice. And so, as we humans accept His plans, we must do so with the humility that we cannot even begin to know His ways, and so, to say God sends us adversities in order to make us tougher and wiser is unduly arrogant.


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