Sunday, January 25, 2009

More than metaphors

As the dance is to the dancer, the universe is to God.

->There is no dance without the dancer. Indeed, the dance is within the dancer - it is verily a part of him/her. The dance at every stage - imagination, creation, manifestation and conclusion - is an expression of the dancer. It does not exist by itself. And so too with the worlds, whose creation, sustenance and dissolution are expressions of God.

As only still water can give a true reflection of the Sun, only an unagitated soul can fully realize God.

->The Sun's reflections can be seen on every drop on the surface of water, but if there are waves and ripples, the reflection of the Sun will be partial, incomplete and interrupted. Only in still water can we see a true reflection of the Sun. So too with God, in our agitated, restless ways we perceive God imperfectly, partially, or not at all. The fault is within ourselves. But when we gain the calm inside, we can fully perceive the glory of God.

As a lump of salt that dissolves in water, the Soul or God permeates the universe.

-> When a lump of salt dissolves in water, the salinity can be tasted in every drop. That lump of salt is now present in every drop from every corner of the water contained. So too, in every small bit of life in the world, the Soul resides. Indeed, this Soul of God is dissolved in the universe, and is present everywhere.


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