Thursday, December 10, 2015

A bad rap, for Spotify

So you listen to Kanye on Spotify
for ten dollars a month, or forty-five?
Oh its free, coz you're too mortified
to pay for your music, but what if I
asked you to try and quantify
the value of art - you're unqualified!   

Okay so, may be I can edify:
Great music is rare, so hard to find
harder to make, platinum certified
Takes months or years, not just 9to5
Its heart and soul, you can't define
No, art ain't a job, don't stultify

'Tis why its time for a change, to modify
the rules of the game, and clarify
that stealing is stealing, can't justify
Free isn't fair, and its part of why
Taylor's right, and we've gotta fight
this piracy and looting, we can defy.


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