Friday, May 19, 2006

I love you....because

I love you

we share common interests like gardening, and crosswords,
where I like the words that go down, and you the ones across

I love you,
I love you because,

although marriage is a not-for-profit institution
its simply better not to make a loss

I love you, oh so,
I love you because,

you're rich and I'm gorgeous, and together
we can hear them say the oohs and the aahs

I love you, I do,
I love you because,

our love will be like a roller-coaster with remote control;
so we can skip the lows, and in the highs we can pause,

I love you,I love you,
I love you because,

Though I don't like your siblings,
your parents will make nice in-laws

I love you,I love you,
I love you because,

you're impatient and I'm understanding,
and if all the world's a stage, our play can be a farce

I love you, love you, love you,
And I love you because,

you'll lead your your life, and I'll lead mine
there'll be total independence and nothing to call ours.