Sunday, December 14, 2008

I loved you; until

i loved you; until
i didnt love you anymore

it was like a dream when you walked into my heart
but reality woke me up and i showed you the door

i loved you so much;until
i just did not love you anymore

every moment with you then was so exciting
but each minute now is such a sad bore

i loved you like crazy; until
i didnt love you at all anymore

living without you, i just could not imagine
but it feels now like i never knew you before

i loved you completely; until
i totally didnt love you anymore

you were the one for me, i thought for so long
but i cannot be with you now, i know that for sure

i loved you a lot; until
i truly didnt love you anymore

love-all it was first, and then our game began
but i lost the joy in it while keeping the score

i loved you so very much; until
i so didnt love you anymore

this fruit of your love, i peeled and juiced
and all i have now is guilt at the core

i loved you maybe; until
i certainly didnt love you anymore

i promised we'll forever be together, as we set sail
sorry to leave you behind now, in a boat without an oar.

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