Monday, June 18, 2007

A letter to a wound

Dear Wound,

Hope you are doing well. I mail you this day to seek your advice on some important matters.

I have been long grappling with the question of how long a wound takes to heal. Is it true that some wounds never do, and instead keep morphing from one form into another, like an invisible energy that cannot be destroyed?

The circumstances under which I have been pondering on these posers are no doubt, adverse. There is some hope, however, from the fact that the pain is now sporadic, while every bit as acute as it ever was. I do fully well understand that you are only discharging your duty in the scheme of things, in all goodness. Where I respect the principles of co-existence, I can no longer be indifferent to the inevitability of the outcome: my body has been directed to pick between a nebulous, lasting scar and a crippling,enduring pain. It is in this regard that I need to make a decision in haste.

Are scars supposed to make you insensitive? Is that a good thing? What if it hurts under the scars too. Could it be then, that there is something wrong with my body?

When people talk of healing, do they actually get over the pain? Or is it always in the background like a conscience made of wax that waits for just a tiny spark?

I am inclined to take the less painful way out, by recommending relief with scars, because I feel the healing has not even begun in my case. If time is the healer, does he know how much is too much?

These and many more questions have besieged my mind and soul. Your advice in this matter is therefore, critical and I want to follow the path you suggest. Please also bear in mind that the wound is on my heart.

I thank you for your help and guidance,

Yours truly,